Apocalypse[PH]: Why all Directors/War material quest

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Apocalypse[PH]: Why all Directors/War material quest

Post by Baldur on Thu Feb 10, 2011 12:37 am

Why Apocalypse are Director?
- So everyone has the authority to release the Guild quest.

Where to release the Guild Quest?
- At sparta(guild center) Guild Quest advisor

Guide on ship material quest
Guide on ship material quest : (war material can be sell at 500 sliver each )
1)find Retired Wizard to get the quest =reward 10 exp
2)find [warrior supplier] Simonos =reward 1000 exp and TP:2
3)find Muropis in peloponnesus =reward 1500 sliver
4) report to Retired Wizard =reward Exp:2000,sliver 500, choose one war material
(click correct circle if wrong you may visit the jail(at the jail, you could just talk with the npc and then click the circle, then wait for a moment)

War mat guide 1 is food,2 is sword,3 is medicine,4 is wine)war mat = war material
1)party a group of 4 (123,123,123n 3 wine) or solo 1234
2)vice can issue the war mat at quest supervisor then war mat trans
3)if the vice r busy,director post also can issue themselves by deliver letter
4)e gold shop sell war mat,u can hang in 6 war mat per day n hang in at any time
5)war mat collection start at 1.30pm to 3pm at server time
6)ride a horse when u collecting war mat to help u collect it faster
7)always go for war supplier 3 ...cause it give more fund for the guild

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