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Post by Baldur on Sat Jan 15, 2011 5:06 pm

Who can become an apprentice?
Everyone!!! (You must be lvl 49 or lower, since you graduate at 50...)

-Your master must be 30 lvls higher than you (if you are lvl 25, your master must be lvl 55

-And if you just escaped from a master /expelled an aprentice you must wait 24 hours to get another master/aprentice

1st: Form a party with your future aprentice (only you and him)
2nd: Go to the Teaching manager NPC

At him select "I want an aprentice"

And the person inside the party will get an invitation to gain a master

After that you should see some kind of bulletin that says "Congatulations you have a master" or something i
dont remember

Who can become a master?

If you are onver lvl 50 you can become a master, but same rule applies your aprentice must be 30 lvls lower so the recommended lvl to get aprentices (for me) is lvl 75

What do i get if i get to lvl 50?

-You will get 100.000 exp points (kinda funny you get to 50 and with that exp you instantly jump to 51)
-20.000 Silver
-2.000 E-gold ( use this in the egold shop right besides the teaching manager, use search button )

What do i get if my aprentice graduates?

-You get 100.000 exp points also
-10.000 silver
-200 reputation points
-20 talent points

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