Warrior Guide - Alpha Edition

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Warrior Guide - Alpha Edition

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Warrior Guide - Alpha Edition


Warrior: With a shield in hand, the Warriors' main job is Close Fighting and they are entrusted with the protection of their teammates. "You cannot hurt my teammates until you’ve killed me! I will fight to my last breath!" Warriors play an important role in a team, and their worth cannot be underestimated.

Source: GodsWar Main Website Under The Classes Section

As such, it is in my opinion that players that choose to play a warrior character must understand the roles of a warrior first. Every class has their own roles to play, and one of the most important roles a warrior plays in a team is to be the tanker and the damage absorber. People usually complain that warrior takes too long to kill a mob as compared to a champion, but note that warriors are not meant to be the played as the major damage dealer. If you prefer massive damage over defense, go for a champion instead.

I would say that warrior is among the most rounded character in game, and there are potentially a few builds that a player can choose. However, this guide will focus primarily on the hybrid type, and one can expect this kind of warrior to be able to perform well in both soloing and as a team player.

Warrior's Talent Chart

The talent chart of the warrior can be seen below, along with the respective names:

Here are the desciptions and the additional bonus to the respective skill as shown in the brackets:

Source: Warrior -- Passive Skills at the Main Website

*Note that the figure in the bracket are just estimated as your talent level increases. These are the figures that I have in game at the time this guide was made, so you might have different increase for different level.
*Note also that the symbols at the main website for the passive skills are mostly wrong, so the above is the heavily edited version, but they are correct.

Talent Distribution
Attack Build

-Basic Physique
-Basic Wrist Strength
-Ancient Swordplay
-Thrace Swordplay

Summary for one set:
-Maximum health +60
-Physical attack +22
-Physical attack +0.4%

These are the skills that I would recommend players putting talent points into constantly. They are your only skills that improves your attack power, especially important in the early stages of the game when you will need to kill mobs fast and earn TPs (Talent points).

No matter whether your build is attack based, tanker based or hybrid, these skills are necessary for a warrior. It is just a matter of how much talent points you would like to add into them. For me, I play a hybrid warrior, and these skills' level are the highest among all my other skills (Yes, even higher than defense).

Note that warriors unfortunately do not have critical skills, so their attack power primarily comes from the skills highlighted above or from their equipments.

Defense build/ Tanker based

-Basic Physique
-Basic Defense
-Phalanx Duty
-Gorgon's Blood
-Basic Will
-Improved Armor
-Reinforced Armor
-Lion's Blood
-Bear's Steadiness

Summary for one set:
-Maximum health +160
-Physical defense +18
-Maximum mana +8
-Damage absorbtion +11
-Health Res Speed +20
-Magical Defense +10

The skills mentioned above are the skills that will help a warrior defend better and tank. Warriors have a great variety of skills to help defend against melee attacks, and they are Basic defense, Phalanx duty, Improved armor and Reinforced armor.

The skills involved to defend against magical attacks are Bear's steadiness, Improved armor and Reinforced armor.

Gorgon's blood and Lion's blood can be useful as well. They help increase the maximum HP and HP regeneration respectively, and these can be useful when you are tanking. As for me, I would say that they are optional, and I would only spend TPs on them when I have extras.

Note that Improved armor and Reinforced armor both raises one's damage absorbtion, which can absorb both physical and magical attacks

PvP build

-Basic Physique
-Basic Accuracy
-Casting Net
-Aquarian Order

Summary for one set:
-Maximum health +60
-Hit rating +4
-Dodge rate +4
-Crit resistance +1/2

Before you read on, please note that the above skills are addition to the previous skills I mentioned in the Attack and Defense Build. I do not mean to say that those who wants a PvP build to go for only Basic accuracy, Casting net and Aquarian order. It is just that this three skills can be an important addition if you like to PvP.

Basic accuracy improves one's hit rate, and you would like to pump it up so that you wouldn't miss on your attacks. What is the point of haveng good attack power of you keep missing? This skill should be increased also for non-PvP reasons, but it will be especially important in PvP when you can expect your opponents to have high dodge rate.

Casting net improves one's dodge rate, and if you pump this skill well, it would be a double defense for you (quoted by LongBuWang aka Glacier in game). You can expect your opponent (and mobs) to keep missing you, and this is very helpful when PvPing.

Aquarian Order aka Tenacity is the skill that improves one's critical resistance. The higher you pump up this skill, the less likely would you expect your oppenent to land a critical hit on you.


That is all for the Warrior guide from me. I will constantly update this guide as changes are made to this class, and I do hope that this guide gives some insights to those who haven't played a warrior or unsure on certain matters regarding this class. Do correct me if I made any mistake above. Cheers and Happy New Year!

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